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Perfect Transformations

No matter what sort of project you have in mind, BOWER INTERIOR DESIGN can take care of everything, right down to the tiniest details. Whether in person or online, we tailor every project to the clients specific needs and reqirements.


Design Consultation

1. DESIGN consultation

Every interior design process begins with a Design Consultation, either at your home in person or online. In the 1.5 hour meeting we'll have an in depth conversation about your interiors project.

We'll discuss:

  • yourself, your family and your lifestyle

  • how you use the space and at what times of the day

  • any problems you have with your current set up

  • colours, styles and themes

  • how you want the space to feel

  • what you wish to achieve

  • budget and timescales

I'll also take this opportunity to do a site survey, including taking measurements, photos and sketching rough floor plans. If you're happy with the suggestions made at this consultation, this can work as a stand alone service. I'll include a written summary after our meeting with every thing we discussed, plus any further recommendations for your interior design project. However if you require further design services from BOWER INTERIOR DESIGN, we will move forward on to the concept and design stage.



Developing a concept for your home is all about depicting the mood and feel of the interior. With everything we discussed in your initial interior design consultation, we will work together to create a colour scheme and overall theme for the rooms in question. Samples and mood boards will be used here for us to gain a clearer vision of the direction we're headed, and we'll use the concept throughout the design process to keep us on track towards the desired end goal. Revisions are included in your package so we won't move forward until you are completely satisfied with your concept. 

Virtual Design
Onsite Interior Design

3. DETAILED design

This is the exciting part... where your dream becomes a reality! I will take away our considered concepts and colour schemes and develop a detailed design for your interior design project. I can source furniture, fabrics, lighting and accessories to help bring your design to life. I can make recommendations from my trusted suppliers list for any bespoke furniture that you wish to include. Floor plans and 3D renders will not only show you how the finished design will look but also ensure that all furniture sourced will fit comfortably within your home. 

4. Installation and styling

At this stage, I will liaise with contractors to ensure the timely completion of your project. With regular site visits, the implementation of your interior design project will remain steady and smooth. If required, I can procure all your furniture which will be delivered straight to your front door. Many trade discounts from high street brands are also available for you. 

Bespoke Interior Design Service

"There was no stress, no endless scrolling through Pinterest; just a very enjoyable process with a personable, passionate person who has a real talent for listening to what you say and creating designs that actually make you excited to do some wallpapering."



Times have changed and online services are now more popular than ever. Interior Design no longer has to be in person and distance need no longer be an issue. If you feel confident executing the design yourself, then this is the perfect package for you. 


BOWER INTERIOR DESIGN provides an interior design service available to straight to your email inbox if you're not based around West Sussex. In addition, if you're happy to source the furniture and decorate your home yourself, then this is the ideal package for you.


Our initial online consultation gets to the heart of what it is you want to achieve in your home. The 1 hour online meeting includes includes:

- getting to know yourself, your family and your lifestyle

- how you use the space and at what times of the day

- colours, themes and styles

- any problems you have with your current set up

- what you wish to achieve

- budget and timescales


With all this information, we'll then come up with a concept and colour scheme. This process is very much a collaboration, a revision is included at this stage to ensure you're happy before we move forward. 


When everything has been approved by yourself, we move on to create your final interior design mood board and design brochure. It includes a written report plus a clickable shopping list taking you straight to all recommend items. You have full access to any trade discounts available. For an additional cost, you can also add floor plans and 3D renders to your design package to really bring the space to life. Any further revisions and CAD images are charged at £75ph.

  • Why would I need an interior designer?
    Costly mistakes can be avoided by making the right decision the first time around, and with numerous trade discounts available a designer can end up actually saving you money on your fixtures and fittings. There are of course those finishing touches that tie a room together. Occasionally a space can look incomplete and you can't quite put your finger on why. An interior designer will create a balanced aesthetic whilst creating cohesion between rooms. In additions, renovations can be incredibly overwhelming and unexpected nasties are bound to crop up. These can be costly and in some cases, push a schedule back by weeks. An interior designer can draw upon trusted contractors, keep to a tight schedule, and take control of invoicing meaning that you don't have to stress.
  • What should I expect?
    A laid back, creative process that is enjoyable and stress free! It's an interior designers job to take away the overwhelm and stress of renovation so all you have to do is watch your dreams become a reality.
  • What if I don't like the design?
    The creative process is very much a collaboration so that simply won't happen. You will approve every aspect of the design and we don't move forward until you're 100% happy with the direction of the interior design. Revisions are included within your package so you can rest assured, you will be very much in control of the process.
  • I don't live in Sussex, how can I work with you?
    Consultations are available online so Virtual Design packages are easily achieveable, no matter where you are in the world. If you'd like a consultation in person, I can come to your home, no problem. Travel charges apply for distances beyond 12 miles from BN11 5SE.
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