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Maximalist seafront apartment

A Case Study...


Last Autumn, I was fortunate enough to have a client contact me with a view of renovating their seafront apartment in Worthing. He had just completed on the property, so being vacant meant we could crack on with the reno straight away.

The 2 bedroom apartment was on the top half of the building so needless to say the views over the sea were just incredible with the most beautiful sunsets. With a 20 minute walk into Worthing town centre, it was easy to see why he'd fallen in love with the place.

One of the key things he wanted to achieve in his home design was to really let his personality shine through. That meant colour, fun... and more colour! The design needed to be bold, energised and flamboyant. He really wanted to take the reins with this design as he was so sure of what he wanted to do, so it was down to me to advise him and help source the items. And steer him back on track sometimes (he certainly pushed me in terms of design but suggestions like a see-through toilet door were perhaps a little much.)

The main bedroom is glamorous hotel chic. If you're going dark, a white ceiling can look stark and forgotten. If in doubt, paint that ceiling!

The guest bedroom is light and airy with bold prints. The glass chandelier was a really special touch. Can you spot the wrapped fridge across the hall in the kitchen? So much more exciting than your standard silver!

Bottle green continues through into the bathroom. The gloss tiles help to reflect light in the windowless space, with brass fixtures and fittings adding some Art Deco glamour.

My client fell in love with this animal print wallpaper. I teamed it with the green herringbone tiles and brass fittings from the bathroom for continuity. A black and white geometric floor tile added some more drama.

The colour scheme continues into the kitchen with navy cabinets, gold accents (what a splash back!) green wrapped fridge and shocking pink bar stools.


This was such a fun project to work on. I was so lucky to make a friend out of it too! We laughed ALOT. A huge thank you to MJ Barnes Property Maintenance once again for all your hard work and attention to detail. All beautiful photos by the incredible @beeholmesphotography.

Here are some kind words from my client himself about our time together...

"Well, what can I say! Natalie at Bower Interior Design has made my wildest dreams come true, designing me the perfect home which I love more than I could have ever imagined!

Over the past 5 months, Natalie and I have worked together to refurbish my entire apartment. From selecting contractors and planning the layout of each room to choosing furniture and advising me what should go where, Natalie has done it all. She has transformed an old, outdated, ex-rental property into a stunning seaside apartment which makes me smile every time I open the front door!

One of Natalie's many talents is being able to make your home SHINE with your personality! Because she is naturally gifted at understanding people, she brings the essence of YOU out through your home. Everything about my apartment, from the pink paint to the dramatic four-poster bed, is SO ME, and that’s why my new house feels like my forever home.

On top of Natalie's creative geniusness is her loving, caring and kind personality. For 5 months, she has been by my side nearly every single day to guide me when I'm lost, reassure me when I'm uncertain, and teach me skills I can apply when she's gone. She has a heart of gold and goes above and beyond to make your home everything you've ever dreamt of...and more!

I feel so incredibly honoured to have met Natalie, not least because the home she has created for me has improved my life in ways I never expected! Because of Nat’s incredible design, I’m happier than ever, I’m way more chilled in my day-to-day life, and as someone who works from home, I’m so incredibly productive! I have a home I can breathe in, a place to make memories with friends that’s more fun than going out, and somewhere I can treasure forever…because thanks to Nat, I really do want to live here forever!

Thank you for everything, Nat! You are AMAZING and you’ve changed my life for the better!"


Are you planning your own home renovation but unsure where to start? Drop me a message and let's talk about your plans. Bower Interior Design offers a FREE, no-obligation chat so let's find out how we can help your home dreams become a reality.

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